Zander Bar – London’s best-kept secret

Zander Bar – London’s best-kept secret

This year it was down to me to organise the works Christmas outing. Having been pointed towards Gillray’s Steak House by (always a handy tool and you can read about our experience there here) it was decided to grab drinks before our 7pm reservation. Zander at the Bank Restaurant at the St James Hotel on Buckingham Gate, just round from the Palace and a 15-20 minute walk from our dinner, was to play host.

What a fantastic bar it is! Having the title of London’s longest bar and easily living up to it. Sleek and modern in style, Zander is a great for drinks before going on to a meal or a show. They run a “happy hour” between 5-8 with a limited cocktail menu at £5 per drink. Obviously we took full advantage of this and tried several of the cocktails. There were some great options such as Brambles, Negronis and Aperol Spritzes but I most enjoyed the classic simplicity of the Bombay Gin and tonic. The perfect start to an evening out.

Keep it under your hat though as, in my opinion, it’s one of London’s best kept secrets! I’m not going to say more about it as I’ll definitely be going back to Zander again, and I don’t want to find it so packed I cant find a space.



Perfect for Drinks / A Celebration


Zander at the Bank Restaurant

St. James’ Court

54 Buckingham Gate





This article is a reworked version of one originally written by the Author on his blog Shakey Eats