Whisky Cocktail Cherries

Whisky Cocktail Cherries

I first came across these cherries in my Manhattan at The Savoy Hotel’s legendary American Bar. The cherry was a revelation, I hate the sweetness of those bright red Maraschino Cherries used in most cocktails, so not having one in my Manhattan was a relief. As I bit into the cherry my mouth was flooded with whisky, it was wonderful, when I said so they were kind enough to give me the recipe, which I’ve tweaked slightly. They may take a while and aren’t the cheapest to make, but you won’t regret it, they’ll take your cocktail game to the next level. They last for ages, and the liquor is great on ice cream, or why not try a dash of it in your own Manhattan or other cocktails.


1 Large sealable jar – at least a 1ltr capacity
Cherries – enough to half fill the jar
Jack Daniels – enough to half fill the jar with the cherries in it (about enough to fill 1/4-1/3 of the jar without cherries in it)
Dry Vermouth – half the volume of Jack Daniels
1 Cinnamon Stick
1 Vanilla Pod – cut in half length ways
2-3 large peels of Orange Zest


Add all the ingredients to the jar and leave for at least one week before using. Be sure to shake the jar each day of the first week. The Cherries should last at least six months. Over time they take on a darker, browny red hue and sediment forms at the bottom of the jar.