Unexpected Fluids

Unexpected Fluids

From BBC Radio 1 comes the podcast we all need to brighten our day. Hosted by Riyadh Khalaf of YouTube and BBC Three fame, and Alix Fox an award winning writer, broadcaster and sex educator, Unexpected Fluids is a light hearted exploration of all those sexual quirks, fetishes and failures we’ve all had whether gay or straight, man or woman, and anywhere in-between. The sexual attraction between this gay man and straight woman is hilariously palpable at times. Riyadh brings his usual exuberant spirit and openness (or lack of it in the case of one body part as we discover) and Alix her knowledge and experience and warm heartedness. We learn way too much about both of their sexual histories and preferences but this is whats so powerful and endearing about the show. They go into more serious experiences they’ve had, going a long way to helping people come to terms with issues or just letting them know they’re not alone.

Together they bounce off one another in an engrossing way bringing insight into Gay and Straight sex and relationships and breaking down taboos. Weekly guests, along with voice messages and emails from listeners about their experiences, help them explore topics as wide and varied as foreplay, holiday romances, sloppy seconds and sex tech fails. Perhaps an apt analogy for the show is that it’s like those chats about sex you have lounging around the flat with friends at 2am after a few too many bottles of wine have removed those barriers and no one has any inhibitions left.

The great strength of Riyadh and Alix is to enable listeners to feel connected to them. In Unexpected Fluids they have build the safe space for listeners to engage on topics that can be as often serious as they are funny.

London Lamppost Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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