The Pheasant Cheese Toasty

The Pheasant Cheese Toasty

Ingredients for One:

2 slices of seeded bread
Good handfull of Mature cheddar – grated
Finely chopped leftover roast pheasant meat – about a dessert spoonful
Large teaspoon of Dijon mustard
Good slug of Worcestershire sauce
Pinch of salt and pepper
Splash of the pheasant gravy and the cooking juices.


Put everything (except the bread) into a bowl and mix together.

Heat a heavy frying pan. Meanwhile spread the cheese mix over a slice of bread, put the second slice on top and butter the top.

Throw a knob of butter into the hot pan. Once melted and bubbly put the sandwich in the pan (butter side up).

Turn the heat to a medium level and let fry for a 1.5-2mins. Then turn over and cook for up to two mins again. You want both sides to have a nice golden colour.


P.S. For a standard toasty just ignore the pheasant, juices and gravy. And if u fancy it make the cheese half cheddar half gruyere. You can have fun and add finely chopped herbs, chopped sliced ham, finely diced chorizo etc.