The London Lamppost – Westminster and Coco Chanel

The London Lamppost – Westminster and Coco Chanel

You can’t Google the term London Lamppost without getting the story behind the Westminster lampposts popping up amongst the results. For years everyone has asked why lampposts in Westminster have both a florid style W and what looks like the trademark logo of Chanel and its eponyms founder, Coco Chanel, in gold on them.

The long held story is that the 2nd Duke of Westminster and the French fashion designer that gave us the little black dress had a 10-year affair. It is said that, to mark their love for one another in a public yet secret manner, the Duke had the lampposts marked with both their monikers.

Unfortunately, as is usually the case with such romantic tales of love, it’s only an apocryphal story. While the W does indeed stand for Westminster, it isn’t in reference to the man but the area, as the CC is for County Council.

London Lamppost Westminster Lamppost London Lamppost Westminster Lamppost

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