“The Best Coffee in Paris”

“The Best Coffee in Paris”

So there you go. If perceived wisdom is to be believed Coutume is the place to go for your coffee in France’s capitol. We can stop searching now.

Among friends and family I am infamous for my love of, and quest for, the best coffees. So, it comes to no surprise, that a girl, also in my class at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, asked whether I’d ever been to Coutume. According to many, Coutume claims the title for, not just some of the, but the best coffee in all of Paris. Whether that could possibly be true, I had to check out for myself. After hearing the entire WORLD talk about it on Instagram, and everyone and their mother writing about it on their blogs, I decided to head along after an 8AM practical one day for a restorative caffeine boost.

There is a thing in Paris, that many of the places with the nicest coffee are either Australian or New Zealand-owned, aesthetically pleasing, hipster-filled oasis’s crawling with students camera-to-hand and eyes on enchanting latte art. Apart from being owned by an Australian and a Frenchman, Coutume is none of these things (except maybe just a tad aesthetically pleasing), which is a much-appreciated difference from the others like it.

The decor is very science lab-esque which pushes aside the typically slightly feminine, marble feel that is so common now-a-days. This made me feel uncomfortable at first but so many of the subtleties, such as water being served in a beaker, were just SO cool.

But moving on to the Coffee. In my opinion, the taste of a “good” coffee is very subjective but there are several universal standards that must be met.

The coffee was served in a glass cup, which could’ve been more creative but I liked the simplicity of it. It wasn’t piping hot, but at a drinkable temperature. I know some people might’ve liked it a bit hotter but I was eager to try out this infamous beverage as soon as possible.

The coffee itself was more bitter than some that I have tasted before and the amount you got was quite small for the price of €3.50 for a café-crème. Usually I wouldn’t have been a fan of how strong it was, despite loving black coffee, but I drank it alongside Coutume‘s Pancakes and the sweetness of them balanced well with the more savoury latte.

I wouldn’t say that I had the “best coffee in all of Paris” but I did enjoy my brunch there and would recommend checking out Coutume if you can.





This article is a reworked version of one originally written by the Author on her blog Jemima’s Life