The Bar at the Henrietta Hotel

The Bar at the Henrietta Hotel

Henrietta Street in Covent Garden has become one of the most interesting and exciting food destinations in London over the last few years, with numerous high profile openings, including Frenchie and Cora Pearl (the sister of Kitty Fishers). One such opening has been the Henrietta Hotel next to Frenchie, a crisp stylish hotel, the ground floor plays host to a casual modern restaurant and bar.

The quiet, yet trendy bar has a great little list of well crafted and creative cocktails. The cocktails are perfectly balanced and use interesting flavours such as the Middle East favourite Za’atar, a dried herb and sesame seed mix that is used in all sorts of cooking out there. What makes the bar stand out even further is that it also serves a selection of that french aniseed classic, Pernod. Not something you find on menus regularly, the inclusion of Pernod is a great idea and makes them stand out from most other bars of the same ilk.

Whether Pernod is ready for a comeback, that’s to be seen, but the bar at the Henrietta Hotel is certainly worth a visit and makes a great place for a pre-dinner drink before heading to one of the road’s many great restaurants.

Price – Approx £12-14 per cocktail, £5 for Pernod.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
Henrietta Hotel

14 – 15 Henrietta Street, WC2E 8QH, London
+44 203 794 5313