The Bar at Rules

The Bar at Rules

Founded in 1798, and serving up classic British food, Rules has long claimed to be London’s oldest restaurants. What’s little known about it is that a few years back the upstairs room was turned into a cocktail bar. It’s quite the secret little cocktail bar.

The menu contains the usual mix of classics and house cocktails. A nice touch is that many are pored at the table from small silver or cut glass cocktail shakers into nicely chilled glasses.

If you’re a fan of that old classic The Black Velvet, you’ll find them here too.

The drinks are somewhat one the sweeter side than normal, particularly the Margarita, but a squeeze or two of extra lime segments can sort this out.

The bar was once a private dining room where Edward VII used to dine in private with his mistress and there’s a mural commemorating this along with hunting frieze, plush red seating, dark wood panelling with gold detailing and lovely lead lined stain glass windows giving it a relaxing old school high society atmosphere.

Price – £13.50 per cocktail


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)