Based on a true story reported by the Wall Street Journal, Tag is about a group of friends that have stayed linked since high school by an on going game of tag played over one month every year.

Ed Helms, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, Hannibal Buress and Jake Johnson star as the friends along side Annabelle Wallis, Isla Fisher, Rashida Jones and Leslie Bibb. There performances as a group of friends that love and support one another is spot on and not over done when so often it is.

It is a film that’s endearing in its comedy, it just gets on with it rather than following the now ubiquitous plot lines. That’s not to say it’s amazing and that the plot isn’t predictable (though you do think it might be one thing but it turns out to be another – mostly because you’ve over thought the twists).

Sadly everything I’ve said is then undermined in the last 20 minutes when a typical ‘heart wrenching’ turn is taken but then loving support brings to a happy conclusion. This saccharine scene undermines the major thing that the film had going for it – that it just got on with it rather than following the standard plots of most of these churned out American comedies.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Image reposted from: Tag Instagram