Street Food: Our Pick of the Best

Street Food: Our Pick of the Best

As spring finally arrives, London’s street food scene will change up a gear. Of course the street food scene is all year long these days, with the weekday lunch markets, weekend markets and the undercover market of Street Feast, all playing host to a huge variety of cultures, cuisines and styles. With the warm weather tens of thousands of us will head out to the open markets of an evening with friends to drink cocktails and gorge ourselves on a variety of the foods on offer. But with such a range of choice, and with some being vastly better than others, which are the best street food stalls to try? Well to help we’ve selected a few of the best; though it’s in no ways a comprehensive list, it’s certainly a good starting point.

For each street food stall’s location check their website as it tends to differ depending on the day and season.

Happy eating!


Oh My Dog!

An apt name, Oh My Dog, because, oh my god these hotdogs are good. Based at the KERB Camden Market, they also set up shop at the Southbank summer food market under Charing Cross railway bridge next to the Bleecker Burger popup. They offer three choices: the Oh My Dog, Deputy Dog and the Chilli-Steak Dog, alongside a number of rotating specials such as the Great Dane and Yum Dog. They also offer a Classic Dog and vegetarian versions. The centrepiece of each hot dog is a large firm juicy heritage breed frankfurter in a demi-brioche bun that they then build on.





Decisions decision…..

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It’s impossible to go wrong with Bleecker and its New York street style burgers. There’s only one thing you can do to mess it up, and that’s to order one of the single patty burgers over the double with the extra meaty juices and perfect balance of ingredients the latter provides. And remember, you can order off menu, a double bacon and cheese is by far the most mouth watering incarnation of a burger you could ever have.




B.O.B’s Lobster

Hard to miss, given the sparkling chrome and red and white paint of their converted VW Camper Van, this street food stall serves up what they call ‘seafood extravagance on a paper plate’. Their paper plates are defiantly popular, so popular they’re even going to open a wine bar and kitchen by London Bridge shortly. On the menu you’ll find the likes of lobster rolls, crab rolls and tuna tacos. The latter are well worth having: crisp tacos with beautiful firm cubes of tuna with sesame seeds and avocado puree.





Mexican street food we all know well, but Venezuelan not so much. But, in the last couple of years, a number of street food stalls have been set up by enthusiastic Londoners to serve up the street foods of their country. Some of these now offer Venezuelan Arepa, and Petare is one of the best. Arepa are made from ground maze that’s shaped into flat circles and then cooked each side on a flat plate. Cut open to form a pocket, they’re then stuffed with a choice of fillings, often pulled meats, and garnishes. Petare also offers yucca fries to go along side.




Up In My Grill

British steaks served up in an Argentine manner, that’s the pitch of Up In My Grill. Their main item is the steak plate, a plate of wonderful rare and medium rare steak served up with fries and chimichurri sauce. Simple though it may be, its always a great plate. They also offer other steaks such as bavette and rump cap, glorious steak sandwiches, and if they have the shin nuggets as a side, you must order it too. They’re stunning deep fried breadcrumb coated balls of slow cooked beef shin with some of the cooking juices mixed in.





Plates of salt and Szechuan pepper squid with dips – if you needed proof that street food has moved on from posh burgers, hot dogs and pizza this is it. Ink offers the choice of triple calamari with triple cooked chips and battered sea bream with triple cooked chips, but the star of the menu is the salt and pepper squid. Its served with chillies, coriander and mayo dips including black squid ink, miso, and garlic mayo.




Yum Bun

Yum Bun is all about yummy buns. Since it first opened, this street food vendor has grown and grown, expanding its menu and constantly proving a firm favourite with diners. The core of the menu is small bao buns stuffed with a variety of fillings, including slowly roasted pork belly with cucumber, spring onion and hoi sin sauce, or crispy fish with green chilli, coriander and lime sambal, lettuce and mayonnaise, or beef short rib with sticky chili bean, aubergine, choy sum and holy basil. They have expanded the menu to include Chinese dumplings of the dim sum variety, and their desserts include deep fired buns stuffed with melting ice cream.




The South East Cakery

Gooey rich and unctious brownies, that’s the hallmark of The South East Cakery and my god are they the perfect end to a street food feast. The salted caramel brownies are heavenly, but if you’re not a fan of salted caramel, then you have the pick of Nutella, Oreo or honeycomb brownies to choose from. If your appetite for their baking it wetted enough you can buy whole cakes and commission items from their bakery.


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