Pink Fizz. Worth it?

Pink Fizz. Worth it?

Some how rosé wine has acquired the notional myth that it’s a drink for the summer. Pink Champagne on the other hand has become the cliché drink on Valentine’s Day or Essex garden parties; a revelation that I know will shock readers. This has given rise to the view that it’s not particularly special and over priced given its connotations. This may be true in some cases, but there are a number of good pink champagnes that are worth the price and deserve to be drunk at anytime, so I’ve put together this short run down of the best to try.

Laurent-Perrier has done quite a good job as marketing itself as the “it” thing to have with your partner. Part of this is because LP has marketed itself as the premier rosé Champaign method as they utilise the saignée method of making rosé. In simple terms, this is done by allowing the skins of red Champagne grapes to maintain contact with the juice for several hours, imbuing it with a naturally pink tint. This also means it is more time consuming and thus more expensive to make.

If rosé Champagne or sparkling is your thing, there are plenty of options out there beyond Laurent-Perrier. One of my favourites is Jansz Rosé sparkling wine, from Tasmania. It is usually about £17 -20 depending on where you get it (Oddbins seems to be a main supplier in the UK) and for the price it is a stunning wine.

Avoid Lanson. It isn’t very good in my experience and if you are on a budget you are better off just buying the Jansz.

Tattinger Rosé is good, but it is usually on sale for about £35 to £40 so it isn’t really a bargain and is of comparable quality to Laurent-Perrier.

If you want to start moving up the quality ladder, Veuve Fourny & Fils Rosé is one of the best combinations of quality and price (I personally think it is also one of the more tasteful bottles you can buy).

If you are looking to make more of a statement of intent with your Pink Champagne, two of my personal favourites are Ruinart Rosé and Gosset Grand Rosé. These tend to retail closer to £60 but they are well worth the price.

There are of course, the likes of Krug, Dom Perignon, and so on. Many of these have rosé variants, but usually run in triple-figures and above in terms of price.