Our Disturbing Pornhub Habits

Our Disturbing Pornhub Habits

Pornhub has become well know for their analyse of the porn searches of their users and the strange, amusing and sometimes down right politically hypocritical results it has thrown up. Over the years we have learnt that in the UK we are the second biggest consumers of porn on Pornhub after the USA, spending an average of 10 minutes and 1 second per visit. That’s a full 1 second more than the French, so in the battle of who can keep it up and go the longest we win, so that’s good to know.

Shock horror, lesbian is still the most popular search term both in the UK and globally. Somewhat more disturbingly, the number of searches for ‘mature’ porn in the UK was 43% higher than the rest of the world in 2017. But most frightening was that last year ‘fidget spinner’ became something the UK looked for when wanting to get off. I mean why? What are they doing with it in the porn that makes you go ‘oh fuck that’s hot, yes give it to her/him, use that fidget spinner, oh you like that you dirty bitch/bastard… yes, Yes, YES,… I’m gonna cum…I’M CUMMING!’

I mean seriously what the fuck!?!

On another less disturbing note, but still quite niche one, searches for dogging porn was up 221%.

Meanwhile the most popular UK gay porn search is for ‘straight guys’, and gay porn featuring ‘British Chav’ and ‘Chav’ are each over 1180% more popular in the UK than the rest of the world. As an aside in Alaska, ‘Creampie’ is the top gay porn genre, I can only assume this is driven as much by the idea of an orgy allowing people to huddle together and keep warm, as it is by the particular kink itself.

Big events and holidays also impact our porn habits. In the UK over Ramadan, Easter and Christmas we watch less porn, but bank holidays and Valentines Day see a surge in our wanking needs. That is except for St Andrews Day, suggesting that the Scots view it a day of abstention, well a day to watch 2% less porn, but don’t worry it looks like the Irish and Northern Irish balance this out on St Patricks Day as it sees a 2% rise in porn viewing figures.

Over the recent Winter Olympics, global searches for ‘winter olympics’ porn was up 3445%, Korean porn was up 112% and in the region holding the Olympics the number of over 60s watching porn rose 80%. Clearly there were a lot of horny OAPs in town. I wonder how many of them were responsible for the number of searches for ‘threesome’ going up 35% in the area, but then again that may just be down to the athletes, those Olympians are known to be horny devils, so much so mounds of free condoms have to be supplied.

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Feature image by Mike Dorner on Unsplash