Mysterious Mysteries

Mysterious Mysteries

Mysterious Mysteries is one of our favorite, all-original, iTunes featured comedy podcasts.

Its presenters, Mick and Matthew, read hilarious, outrageous scripts written by Mick in the style of old time radio mystery dramas. Mick narrates. Matthew, who has never seen the scripts before recording, performs all the other characters using voices thought up on the spot and there’s either no or very light editing.

Each 50-minute episode takes the listener to a different world – from foreboding warnings in ancient Pompeii, to strange discoveries on Mars, mobster murders in ’20s Harlem, and elusive menaces in Gastric City – all with Mick’s innuendo-laden and often explicit toilet humour coupled with Matthew’s outrage, commentary on, and often outright refusal to read parts of the scripts, which makes for the unique comedy of Mysterious Mysteries. Flanked by pre- and post- script chatter between Mick and Matthew, the listener is taken to a genre of original comedy, the likes of which has never been heard before. Oh and they drink throughout adding a nice little touch.

Series 1 and 2 are joined by Christmas specials and fan scripts. We’re also hearing rumors of potential new shows from the comic duo and are looking forward to seeing what they do next.

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