Lush's Sexy Valentine Bath Bombs

Lush's Sexy Valentine Bath Bombs

With Valentine’s just a month away and restaurant planning to offer special Valentine ‘deals’ that somehow end up no cheaper, and plans being hastily needed so it doesn’t look like you came up with something last minute there’s always the option of staying in for a romantic evening. And why not? Picture it, warm lighting from dimmed lights and candles, a bottle of something special chilling, a nice meal cooking and some massage oils warmed.

If this is the picture you’re aiming to create for your loved one, then don’t forget the bath. Draw up a nice long hot bath, light a few more candles, bring that bottle, with 2 glasses, into the bathroom and climb in with your significant other. Now of course you want a fun relaxing bath, and that means bubbles and bath bombs. And that means a trip to Lush. Happily for Valentine’s, Lush has released two special bath bombs that nod to the Tinder, Grindr, Sexting world of relationships we now live in – a peach emoji bath bomb and an eggplant (aubergine) emoji bath bomb.

At £3.95 each it’s certainly a better deal than the restaurants, and probably a lot more fun 😉

Happy celebrating.

Available here

Feature Image thanks to Lush, Image Credit to Lush inventor @daniel_james_campbell