London's Best Burgers

London's Best Burgers

It has become one of the most innovative dishes with all kinds of variations popping up, some insanely mouth-wateringly, others plain silly. Nonetheless the fact that something so simple has become the focus for such creativity is superb, and the constraint of beef for the patty has been well and truly ditched.

We all have our favourite that conjures up childhood memories, and there are many lists of the best, but this is our list and ours is the best. You’ll find a variety of styles and patty types at some great locations; each is worth searching out as a perfect example of its class. Enjoy.


Bleecker Street

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It’s impossible to go wrong with Bleecker and its New York street style burgers. There’s only one thing you can do to mess it up, and that’s to order one of the single patty burgers over the double and the extra meaty juices and perfect balance of ingredients they provide. And remember you can order off menu, a Double bacon and Cheese is by far the most mouth watering incarnation of a burger you could ever have.

Price: £6 – £9

Location: Various



Mac & Wild

It’s easy to see why the Veni-moo is an award-winner, it’s a beef patty topped with a venison patty, onions, cheese, and béarnaise sauce. This is certainly up there, and you’ll hear no complaints about this perfectly cooked, seasoned, and flavour-packed burger from us. The Subjective as these things are, though, you’d better try it yourself. After all how often does the venison patty crop up?

Price: £11.50

Location: Various



J Sheekey Atlantic Bar

A great spot for a selection of light fish plates, all expertly prepared with care, delicacy and the freshest of ingredients. Star among the offering is the Shrimp & Scallop Burger. Easily the best fish burger in town it’s set in a brioche bun with a dab of spiced mayonnaise and a pickle. If you like shellfish it’s a must have.

Price: £15.50

Location: 33-35 St Martin’s Court, London, WC2N 4AL



Opera Tavern

The mini Ibérico Pork and Foie Gras Burger. It may be mini but that’s all you need given it’s so rich. Thank god for the green chilli to cut through it. One of the most perfectly formed burgers about, but what can you expect from Ben Tish and the Salt Yard group.

Price: £8

Location: 23 Catherine Street, London, WC2B 5JS



There’s always a selection of sliders on offer at Spuntino giving a taste of the American South in a bun. The Reuben is nice and peppery; the soft shell crab is crisp, tender and spicy thanks to the Tabasco mayo; and the pulled pork is packed with flavour from its dry rub. They do some pretty damn good full sized burgers too.

Price: £5 or 4 for £18

Location: 61 Rupert Street, Soho, London, W1D 7PW



Honest Burger

Not much to say other than that the burgers are superb, ranging from the classic to supreme Honest Burger and the always highly creative specials. You’ll love the rosemary fries too.

Price: £8.75 – £12.95

Location: Various



Chosen Bun

If you’re lucky enough to live in their delivery radius (basically just Fulham, though they now have spots in Cambridge and Oxford too), this is the pace to get you’re burgers from. You can choose from a selection of burgers, but the best way to go is to make your own. The other great thing about them is that they have designed their own packaging that stops the burgers getting squashed and going cold and soggy while being delivered.

P.S. make sure you get the Mac and cheese bites, covered in panko breadcrumbs and full of rosemary, they are to die for.

Price: Depends on toppings you choose

Delivery only.



Balans Soho Society

The Infamous Balans Burger. It comes cooked as you want it and topped with the classic toppings of cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, dill pickle, red onion, all in a brioche bun with double-dipped chips on the side. Oh and it has a giant steak knife speared through it.

Price: £14

Location: Various



Bite Me Burger Co.

The newest kit on the block (at least out of those on this list). Specialising in boxes of 2, 3, 4 or 12 sliders with over 10 options to mix and match from. You can eat in at their long term Holborn Pop up or at two Soho bars, or have deliveroo bring boxes to you. Burgers range from their version of the Big Mac to the min hot dog, chicken, lamb and duck burgers. They do them all as a vegetarian option using aubergine instead of the meat. The veggie version of the Lamb burger is one of the best things the do.

Price: From £8.50 for 2

Location: 38 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6EY



Flat Iron

It may ostensibly be a restaurant that serves flat iron steaks, but they also server a béarnaise burger. It’s just a large sesame seed bun, a large beef patty and then lashings of béarnaise sauce. Rich and sickly, what more could you want?

Location: Various


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