London Oyster Week

London Oyster Week

Of all the food weeks and days London organises, it’s amazing to think that there’s never been one for oysters, those little shellfish that have been such an important food through the cities history. Well finally this oversight has been corrected, and London’s inaugural Oyster Week is shortly to be upon us.

Organised by Katy Davidson who’s been sharing her love of oysters for years on her blog The Oyster lady. From Saturday 21st April to Sunday 29th, London will have its first city-wide oyster week celebrating this stunning shellfish. As part of London Oyster Week venues across the capital will be joining together to get people eating and learning about this great food, to which Britain is home to some of the very best varieties of.

Over 25 restaurants, bars and pubs including Bentley’s, Wright Brothers, Noble Rot, Northbank, and the Hawksmoor group will be developing oyster dishes and special oyster-matched drinks and cocktails, designed with event sponsors Remy Martin, Mount Gay rum and Bruichladdich Whisky. There’ll also be a number of feature events, including exclusive master classes, oyster roasts, film screenings and oyster mixology.

Oyster Passports are available to purchase on the London Oyster Week website. Not only do the passports offer preferential rates to the events and exclusive offers from the event sponsors, it entitles holders to exclusive offerings at venues across the city. Noble Rot, for example, is offering two Maldon Rock Oysters with a glass of Muscadet Sèvre et Maine for £10.

More details on the events programme and the venues getting involved can be found on the London Oyster Week website.

Feature Image by Paula Borowska on Unsplash