God’s Own Country ★★★★★

God’s Own Country ★★★★★

Francis Lee’s debut film, God’s Own Country is set on a farm in Yorkshire. It’s so raw, intimate, quite and unassuming that it draws you in, you can feel the cold driving winds pounding into you and they whip across the moor.

The film follows Johnny (Josh O’Connor) a young man left to single handedly run his family farm under the cold eye of his stroke victim father (Ian Hart) who’s looked after by his grandmother (the incomparable Gemma Jones). Resentful he fills his time binge drinking and with unemotional cold sex with men as a way to numb the pain and loneliness.

As lambing season arrives he’s joined by a Romanian migrant worker Gheorghe (Alec Secăreanu) much to his dislike. As they spend time out on the hills over a few nights to keep an eye on the lambs their connection silently grows and their fighting tuns into rough sex with Gheorghe breaking down Johnny’s hard protective layers.

As their relationship grows they face a number of challenges including local xenophobia, and fears for the future.

A stunningly beautiful film, it’s more real a film than the great Call Me By Your Name, and what Brokeback Mountain should have been.

A must watch!!! Available on DVD/Bluray/Digital and Netflix (US & UK)


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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