Rob Farrow

Rob is from a family that has been operating holiday parks and accommodation for over half a century. In his time he has provided almost every type of accommodation. From tents to lodges and caravans to glamping; welcoming thousands of guests ranging from couples through to hen parties, corporate events and weddings. As a park owner and industry expert there are few people better suited to answer your holiday queries.

Nicholas Bowman-Scargill

Nicholas is the (4th) Managing Director of Fears Watches, his family’s watch company he resurrected in 2016. He is a born and bred Londoner, having grown up in West London, he now lives and works in the Docklands. During the week Nicholas enjoys the diverse culture London has to offer as well as satisfying his love of style with the menswear stores of St. James’s. At the weekend he enjoys nothing more than popping to his local on the Thames for a pint or exploring the hidden parts of the city on foot.

Oli Parrett
Oli likes to say he’s a mid-late twenty something living in London. With a passion for all things food and drink and fan of jazz, he’s also a rugby nut.


The City Breaker
The City Breaker, is constantly flying for work, but despite this he loves travel as a way to relax and escape with his partner. From time to time He’ll be sharing with us his favorite places to escape the rat race to.

Josh Boyle
After abandoning the bright lights of the Capital for Bristol, Josh is now back in London having abandoned a large consulting firm to work in the gig economy with one of its leading companies. He likes anything involving game, offal, or red wine, and has a soft spot for scrambled eggs on toast. In his spare time, he works as an accountant.

Matthew MacLachan

Matthew MacLachlan has studied and lurked in London for several years. He previously worked for The Week magazine and has written for History Review and The Jakarta Post. He is a lawyer and a broadcaster, and lives in Shad Thames.

Brian Hick

Forever hopping between the bright lights of the city and the rural planes of Northernmost Yorkshire, Brian Hick is an admirer of fine food & drink, a player of videogames across all consoles, and a lover of all things automotive. He is a surveyor by trade.

Jemima Cox
Jemima is a 19 year old student who has been studying Pâtissérie and Cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu both in Paris and London. She has a passion in capturing moments and enjoys writing about not just food but the ambiance and atmosphere we experience whilst eating it. She also writes on food and books on her blog Jemima’s Life

Will Deans

Marshall Allender

Marshall Allender is an American expat in London. Originally educated in political science, he works in the wool industry and enjoys writing about wine, fine dining, and his travels around the world

Justin Ng

Born in Hong Kong, Justin came to the UK at 13 for school. He has been based in London ever since since studying languages and subsequently law in London. Since then he has become a lover of all things indulgent – gluttony, films, music, inebriation. He is constantly baffled by veganism.

Will Hall
Will Hall, has worked in many and varied places in his time from the College of Arms, training as a herald and compiler of genealogical titbittery, to working with debutantes, in parliament and in the buying office at Fortnums and in a firm making hipflasks. In between parties and Scottish reeling he finds time to work on his genealogy and etiquette business, Heritagehound and cook for several lovers, seldom all at once

Samuel Edge

Samuel was born and raised in London. Passionate about theatre, opera, music and film, there practically isn’t an evening he can’t be found indulging in one of them.

Alastair Mavor

Alastair is an IP lawyer in London with a particular interest in film and television. When not working or writing, he can usually be found either cycling up a mountain or producing and developing film projects.

Sammy Gao

Sammy was brought up in Tientsin, China, but spent half of his adolescence and most of his adulthood so far in the UK. His education, work and most importantly his interest in experiencing different culture, has led him to travel in different parts of Europe and China, plus a few other places. Sammy has great admiration and respect towards craftsmanship, cultural heritage, nature and genuine creativity.

Jacynth Bassett

Jacynth Bassett is the founder of the first online fashion boutique & blog celebrating style at every age, Through this, she has written for the likes of The Guardian Online, The Huffington Post, has contributed to an internationally published book, and is a weekly and monthly columnist for multiple other leading online magazines. In her spare time, she is a hip hop dancer (you’ll have to see it to believe it), loves great food and drink, and is on the constant hunt for the next trashy reality show she can binge watch.

Matthew Walker

Matthew has been living in London for at least 5 years now. A lover of gin, beer and Asian food he loves exploring London’s restaurants with friends on a regular basis and traveling in the US and Asia.

Steven Shakeshaft

Steve is originally from Birmingham but moved to The Big Smoke 10 years ago. Living in Kentish Town for 2 years, he now lives in South East London near Lewisham with his wife and son.
He enjoys eating out and drinking with friends when he has the chance and cooking at home. He documents his dinning and cooking adventures on his blog Shakey Eats

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