Christmas Pudding Ice Cream Recipe

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream Recipe

This year I got myself a mini Christmas pudding to have around New Year’s, but never actually got to it. Having forgotten about the pudding, I came across it the other day when giving the kitchen cupboards a clear out. Needing to be eaten and it being the height of summer, I didn’t much fancy it as a Christmas pudding, so I tweeted Mosimann’s for a suggestion. Christmas Pudding Ice Cream was the outstanding recommendation that came in response. That said at Christmas we often add my fathers rum butter to the cold left over pudding, and I’m also a fan of rum and raisin ice cream so I thought I would tweak Anton Mosimann’s recipe a bit and add a splash of rum.

Bellow is my tweaked recipe (the rum being the only material change), but my thanks to Anton Mosimann and the team there for sharing their recipe with me and allowing me to use it here. I should also thank Anton for inspiring me to collect antique cookbooks; it was wanting a collection of historic menu cards like the ones that adorn the bar of his club that led me to the books when I couldn’t find any cards, little did I know at that point that Anton has one of the great collection of cookbooks in the world.


150g Christmas Pudding

50ml Dark Rum

250ml Double Cream

250ml Milk

150g Caster Sugar

4 Egg Yolks

1 Vanilla Pod


Break the Christmas pudding up into a bowl and drizzle over the rum, toss the Christmas pudding about to ensure that all the rum has been soaked up. Leave the pudding to the side and start on the ice cream.

Put the sugar and egg yolks in a bowl and mix together to create a paste.

Warm the milk and cream in a small saucepan, then slowly pour it into the sugar and egg paste while continuously stirring the liquid in.

Put this combined mixture into the saucepan along with the seed of the vanilla pod and pod. Heat the mixture until just before boiling point, this is when the mixture is covered in lots of little bubbles and when the liquid on the spatula stays separated when you run a figure through it.

Place the pan in a ban-marie of cold water to cool. Stir occasionally and then through a sieve into a container. Add the Christmas pudding and place the container in the freezer.