Bone Daddies

Bone Daddies

Fancying somewhere a little bit more low-key than our usual spots, Bone Daddies was the obvious choice for my friends and I to have a catch up. Bone Daddies is a chain of ramen/Japanese/Korean places around London. The one we picked was at the newish Nova complex in Victoria. The place is packed with restaurants, bars, cafes and businesses. There’s no booking so we got there just after ‪5pm‬ and got ourselves a table near to the bar. There was so much to try on the menu but I didn’t want to try any old ramen so my friends and I decided to split a few things.

First up was fried chicken. If you’ve never had Korean Fried Chicken (the real KFC) then you’re missing out. Double coated and fried, it is ridiculously crispy. The best fried chicken you will ever have as long as you like chicken thighs. We also had Korean Fried Chicken Wings which were tender and spicy hot.

Next up was steamed buns. Between us we had the Chashu Pork, Fried Salmon and Miso Aubergine. The Chashu Pork was fantastic. I love steamed buns; definitely something I want to try making at home! One of my friends also indulged in some sushi; Spicy Tuna roll and Prawn Tempura roll. No complaints were heard!

For the mains, there was Yuzu Tonkotsu ramen (lovely pork broth lifted with the fresh zing of yuzu), Crispy Duck Aburamen (a brothless ramen with crispy duck and coated in duck fat, with roasted corn which was nice, sweet and crunchy) and Chicken Thigh Katsu Curry (I didn’t try it but there was LOADS of it so my friend was defeated before he could finish it). Rather than dessert, we had had are fill already, we chose a bottle of Mio Sparkling Sake to share between the three of us who were drinking. Served ice cold from the freezer it was like a good sherry, just the right side of sweetness. I’ll be back to Bone Daddies at some point. It won’t fail to place a ramen lover.

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Feature Image from Bone Daddies Instagram