The newest addition to the drink and dining options at Fortnum & Mason is the 3’6 Bar (Three and Six Bar), found on the third floor by the Gentleman’s Department. This cocktail bar is wonderfully relaxed with its antique globes, books and fun fair table top toys.

The name is derived from Fortnum’s 1930s home cocktail party service that was located on the third floor and charged customers 3 shillings and 6 pence per person (before alcohol costs, unfortunately). Today that’s about £12.50 per head and, in honour of this, it’s the average cocktail price. There’s also a well-curated wine list and a great selection of spirits.

They have also constructed a small kitchen in the corner that distributes such wares as Scotch quail eggs, Welsh rarebit (one of the signature F&M dishes that’s served in all their food outlets), chicken liver pate, blue cheese croquettes, and cheese plates.

It’s a great quiet space to plonk yourself in for a restorative drink and bite to eat, or for a pre dinner and after work cocktail. The staff are always smiling, very friendly, helpful and ensure the relaxing atmosphere of the bar. The cocktails are traditional ones, but if you’re in need of something more creative, head to the bar in 45 Jermyn Street for some truly superb modern creations.

A great game to play while there is to guess ‘Customer or Toilet’. Simple to play, as each man walks in, you guess whether they’re coming in for a drink or looking for the men’s toilet which is actually located at the other end of the floor. You’ll know if they’re there for the toilet as they’ll walk in half way, look around bemused and then head off.


On the third floor of Fortnum & Mason Piccadilly