The LL Network

London Lamppost was founded to be a resource for those after ways to spend their time and those that are new to the city and hate it. London can be a grey and lonely city if you don’t know it or don’t have a friend group in it.

We have created the London Lamppost Network, as a space for you to connect with fellow readers, ask questions and chat with one another. Sure we can help guide you through the city with articles and the like, but that doesn’t help you meet people and build a friend group.

So use the LL Network to start conversations, get in touch with us, suggest places to cover and articles, contribute to them, and most importantly speak to each other. Swap ideas, places to go, and even ask each other questions about daily issues like renting and accommodation.

The more you get involved the more use it will be to you and others. We hope to expand this into events for readers to meet and connect in person.

You can also join the London Lamppost Network on Facebook group.


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